Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Homecoming 2008

This past weekend was a very busy one. I took Friday off to run errands with my husband. Friday evening, I went with Aaron to the bar where his band was playing that night and took a line dancing class while he did some last-minute tweaking on the sound board. That night, the girls marched in the marching band at halftime at the homecoming game.

On Saturday, I drove the girls to the high school EARLY in the morning to practice for a marching competition later that morning. Then Cassidy caught a ride with a friend to go from the marching competition to a volleyball tournament. (Nancy stayed behind to march in a parade.) I drove to the volleyball tournament to watch the last game and to pick Cassidy up. Then, with my window stuck all the way down and the heat blasting to keep us from freezing, we drove home. Aaron ran to the school to get Nancy, and the girls took showers and did their chores before getting ready for the homecoming dance. Once they were ready, I took pictures out in the front yard before dropping them at the school and then going with Aaron to his gig. Whew!

Used: Love Always (kit from the May Doodle Challenge) by Danielle Engebretson

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