Friday, January 16, 2009

Week 4 of GOBI

In answer to a question about who would be painting their scrapbook spaces ...

In my case, I don't yet have walls to paint. I have two walls framed in, and I've installed outlets along those and a light switch (though I've not yet connected them to the breaker box).

My plan (with the best of intentions, but little funding or time):

  • Go to Home Depot on my lunch break to price out materials to make my own IKEA Expedit shelf unit and my own corner table (inspired by the one at ScrapNcube's web site).
  • Start saving money for materials for a shelf unit and corner table or for ordering them online (depending on pricing run).
  • Work this Saturday on finishing my rearrangement of the basement, including sorting all stored items according to a theme/category.
  • Sunday: start pulling things out of my scrap room.
  • Give the ceiling and walls a good sweeping in case the spiders have been in there.
  • Make sure all the new outlets have electrical tape around the connections.
  • Install my new lighting fixture that's been sitting in its box for over a year now waiting to be put up to replace the ugly bare bulb.
  • Get the rolls of insulation from the garage and put them up in the exterior framed wall.
  • Get what's left of the drywall we bought to redo the entryway and put it up on the exterior wall.
  • Determine how much more lumber and drywall I need to finish the room.
  • Finish the walls, including the closet wall that will separate my room from our older daughter's bedroom.
  • Paint the wall opposite the door and the two side walls red.
  • Paint inside the closet and the wall with the door white. (Playing with the idea of throwing in some red polka dots in the closet and maybe on the door wall. We'll see. Depends how it works with the rest of my vision.)
  • Put everything into my room based on usage, love of the item, inspiration, and anything else we learn in this class.

I know it's a lot, but I intend to have a room that makes me want to come into my chilly basement instead of one that helps me avoid it. Once the basement's been rearranged, I still have to go through each and every box down there and start sorting and purging. If I have something to draw me down there, it will help encourage me to do that.

UPDATE (29January2009): There will be no closet. So The door wall will be white and the other 3 red. Also, I'm still working on finishing the basement, though I have pulled enough out of my scraproom to allow me to work on assignments. Oh, and no polka dots. I also will be building my own shelves, as it is a mere fraction of what it would cost to purchase them and have them shipped (only to still have to construct them).

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