Friday, November 23, 2012

Gratitude, Day 23

I spent today chilling out at home ... the first time I haven't gone Black Friday shopping in years.  In fact, I never even changed out of my jammies.  Gasp!  It was a glorious day! (=

I'm thankful today for online bill payment.  No stamps, no running to the mailbox, no hassle.  Got the bills all taken care of and went back to playing Farkle with the kids.

Yesterday, when it was time to put the turkey in, my son requested that we wait to have it today, because he was still stuffed from our larger-than-life breakfast.  So, we had turkey and mashed taters and gravy tonight.

Tomorrow, it's back to the grind.  I'll be heading back to work after three marvelous days of being home with my children and our pets.  It's been peaceful.  And it was a much needed respite from the norm.

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