Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gratitude, Day 3

When I got home yesterday, my son told me that our next door neighbor (whom my husband has met, but I have yet to, though we've live here for 10 years) stopped by to offer to cut up and remove the fallen branch that's been in the front yard for months now, brought down by a wind storm this past spring.  I've been trying to give this wood away (dis-assembly required) ever since it fell, but no one accepted.  So, I sent him over to cheerfully accept the offer.

Today, when I pulled up the driveway upon returning home from work, they were in the front yard with most of the branch already cut up and loaded into their truck.  I have a (messy) yard again!  And I finally met my neighbors, who graciously offered to help out if we should ever have another branch/tree down in the yard again.

So, today, I am grateful for my neighbors.  They've done me a great service, and they got a whole truckload of wood for their wood burner to boot!  Oh, and in case you were curious, this is what I had in my front yard:

For the sake of scale, that's my gas barbeque grill on the far left and my 6-person tempered glass outdoor table just left of the still-standing source of the branch.

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