Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gratitude, Day 7

With my work schedule currently, I have Wednesdays and Thursdays as my "weekends."  Of course, this means I am generally home alone on my days off from work.  My daughter is at work, and my son is at school.  I have the dog and the cats here still, but they're not much for conversations (great for snuggling down for a nap, though).

Today, being the first day of my weekend this week, I am thankful for bright, sunshiny, lazily productive days off from work.  I'm not winning any domesticity awards today, but I'm enjoying the sunshine, and I'm very slowly working my way through my to-do list.

I got dressed, made my bed, drove my son to school (missed the bus), made a new batch of fabric softener, washed and dried 2 loads of laundry, took care of some correspondence, and caught up on some of my saved programs on the DVR.  All-in-all, not a bed day. (=

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